www.NewMoney.gov – The New $100 Note Security and Design Features

Www.newmoney.gov is the website to learn about the new $100 note security and design features. This website is brought to you by several US government agencies, including the US Secret Service, the Federal Reserve Board, the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, and the Department of the Treasury.

The new $100 note is not in circulation yet, even though the new design has been unveiled more than one year ago. The current $100 note will be replaced by the new note some time in the future, but the exact date is unknown to the public. This is because the date on which the new $100 notes will be issued has not been announced yet by the Federal Reserve. Why does it take the Federal Reserve so long to put these notes into circulation, especially since they have unveiled its design in April 2010. According to the progress update video on newmoney.gov, there is an issue associated with the production of the new notes at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, where US currency is printed. This production problem is the reason why the new $100 bills will be issued later. When will new $100 notes be available in circulation? If you are curious about the answer to this question, you can sign up at the Newmoney website to get email updates regularly.

To prevent counterfeiting, all US currency comes with security features. For instance, the current $100 note is protected by the portrait watermark and several other features. The upcoming one hundried dollar bill comes with 2 new security features, which will further help to deal with the counterfeiting problem. The two new security features incorporated into the $100 notes include the 3-D security ribbon and the bell in the inkwell. Besides these enhanced features, several other features are also available such as color-shifting, the security thread, raised printing and more. If you want to learn how to tell if a $100 note is real or counterfeited by using these security features, you should visit www.newmoney.gov, a US currency educational website. On the site, you will learn what these features look like on the note and where to find them. They also have a demonstration to show you how the $100 note should look like in back light and under UV light. The interactive program even allows you to magnify, flip and tilt the demo note so that you will know how it looks in different angles. Before visiting the website, I did not realize there are so many features on the note that can help me determine whether a bill is real or counterfeit. If you deal regularly with cash, these are very important lessons.

www.Netflix.com/SpecialOffer – Netflix Free Trial Offer

Enjoy the Netflix free trial offer at www.netflix.com/specialoffer.

Netflix.com is a web site where consumers can find online movie rentals and video streaming services. In order to enjoy these convenient services, you have to pay monthly fees and become a subscribed member of the site. But before you purchase any their service, you can try it for free. The free trial period lasts for 1 month. During the 1 month trial period, you can watch unlimited movies and/or TV episodes online by streaming from Netflix.com. What makes this deal even sweeter is that there are no cancellation fees. This means that you can cancel your subscription any time during the trial period and you don’t need to pay any money. After the 1 month test, if you like it and want to watch more movies on the site later, you will need to pay $7.99 per month. If you want the online movie streaming service as well as the option to receive DVD in the mail, your monthly membership fee will be $9.99. But that is still a good deal.

Right now the 1 month free try offer is directly available on their website. And sometimes they will also send out the special offer in promotional mail. In these mail pieces, they give out a FREE trial card and invite recipients to try their service for 1 month free. If you have received a similar communication from them, you can respond to the offer by visiting their special offer page. On this web page, you can create your netflix account if you are a new member of the site. What you need to do is to entry and confirm your email and password. To try it for free, you have to enter your Priority Code into the provided space. The Priority Code is printed in the promotional letter that you received. Remember that this code is only valid before the expiration date shown in the letter.

With the Netflix service, watching movies and/or TV episodes online on your TV is not difficult any more. Multiple devices can be used to stream videos from their site including Wii, Blue-Ray players, Iphone, Apple TV and many more. Of course, you can always watch them on your laptop or desktop computers too.

To learn more information about the Netflix free trial offer, visit www.netflix.com/specialoffer.

www.MitsubishiComfort.com – Mitsubishi Heating and Cooling Systems

Find out why so many families choose Mitsubishi heating and cooling systems at www.mitsubishicomfort.com.

To feel comfortable in your house or office, you may need a device to help you control the temperature of your room. Mitsubishi Electric provides their comfortable cooling and heating solutions for your needs. They have both residential HVAC and commercial HVAC systems for your home and office respectively. If you are looking for reasons to choose Mitsubishi’s systems, here are 3 major benefits of using them. First, their systems come with the feature of individual room control. You may have a big house with multiple rooms. With their system installed, you can easily set the temperature for each individual room in your house by using a controller. Second, it comes with an allergen filter. This means that their system can be used not only for controlling room temperature, but also cleaning your room’s air by removing common allergens. With the clean air, you and your family members will have a lower risk of suffering from allergies. Third, their system is energy-efficient. This is a very important feature and needed by many home-owners. Usually heating pumps and air conditioners can easily consume a large amount of energy during operation. But this is not the case for systems made by Mitsubishi Electric. They claim that their devices use energy more efficiently than traditional HVAC systems. Most of their devices qualify for ENERGY STAR certification and some of them qualify for the Federal 2011 tax credit and/or local utility rebates. The energy-efficient feature not only makes their systems environment-friendly, but also saves you money on your electricity bill and your 2011 federal tax payment.

For your information, according to the tax credit extension bill passed by the U.S. Congress, homeowners can get up to $300 in federal tax credit if they upgrade eligible energy efficient HVAC system in their homes in 2011. As mentioned earlier, select models of Mitsubishi Electric Heating & Cooling systems qualify for this tax benefit, and they have compiled a list of eligible models and show it on their website.

Living and working in a comfortable environment is very important for our physical and mental health. Choose a high quality HVAC system and let it help us to make our room more comfortable. Also, choosing one with energy savings helps us save energy and money as well.


Golf.com/fabfour – GOLF Fab Foursome Bracket Challenge

Golf.com/fabfour is a web-page where you can participate in the GOLF Magazine Fab Foursome Bracket Challenge and enter the Your Ultimate Foursome Sweepstakes to win a free vacation or a free $50 gift card.

Golf Magazine has partnered with Golfsmith to present you with this opportunity to pick your ideal 4 players. They have pre-selected 64 candidates for you to choose from. These candidates include artists, politicians, golf icons and athletes. This event begins on June 13, 2011, and the final result will be released on the October 2011 No. 1 Issue of their magazine.

To vote for the final foursome, you should go online and visit Golf.com/fabfour. On this web site, you will see a matchup with all the 64 candidates listed in 4 groups including artists & entertainers, politicians & leaders, icons of golf and athletes. To vote, you just click on the image of the person who you think will win the match. At the end, you have to choose the winner of each group, who will be the final foursome. After selecting your winners, remember to submit your result of the No. 1 Fab foursome. If you are curious to know who the final winners of the Fab Foursome Bracket Challenge are, you should read the Oct 2011 issue of the Golf Magazine.

Besides voting for the America’s best players, you can also enter a free prize Sweepstakes on this web site to win a $50 Golfsmith gift card or a vacation for completely FREE. If you are lucky and win the grand prize of the sweepstakes, you and your friends will be rewarded a free vacation to play in Will Ferrell Pebble Beach Charity event. There are also 2nd level prizes for 100 winners. Each of them will get a free $50 in Golfsmith gift card. The prize information, detailed rules, and entry methods of the sweepstakes can be found on www.golf.com/ultimate4.


www.golf.com/ultimate4 – Your Ultimate Golf Foursome Sweepstakes

Www.golf.com/ultimate4 is the webpage for people to enter the Your Ultimate Golf Foursome Sweepstakes online.

Your Ultimate Golf Foursome Sweepstakes is a free prize contest sponsored by GOLF Magazine. You don’t need to buy anything to enter it because it is totally FREE. This free sweepstakes is valid from 06/13/2011 to 07/25/2011 for entry. One grand prize winner will receive a free golf trip to play in the Will Ferrell’s Pebble Beach® Invitational event. The prize winner and his (her) 3 guests will receive free airfare, two nights hotel stay in Pebble Beach®, two rounds of golf play, and a custom fitted driver (for each person) in the prize package. Besides the free vacation, there are also second place prizes. There will be 100 winners who will win $50 in Golfsmith gift card as the second prize of this sweepstakes. This contest is only for people aged 21 years old or older and legally living in the 48 US states and the District of Columbia. Other exclusions may apply. Please see their rules for details.

How to enter to win your free Golf vacation?
1. Visit www.golf.com/ultimate4, a web page on the magazine official website;
2. See the official rules of the sweepstakes, and learn the participants’ eligibility and entry methods;
3. See the prize information, and learn what awards the winners will get;
4. Check the sweepstakes facts to see your winning odds;
5. To enter the prize contest, you have to fill out the provided form with your first and last name, email, phone number and address.
6. Click the “submit” button and you’ve done.

Besides the online method of entry mentioned above, you can also enter it by sending a postcard with your name and address via regular US mail to Your Ultimate Golf Foursome Sweepstakes, 1 Penn Plaza Ste 6126, New York, NY 10119. The deadline for the mail-in entry is also 07/25/2011 and you have to make sure your entry is postmarked no later than that day and received before 08/1/2011.

The winners of this prize sweepstakes will be generated by random drawing around 08/15/2011. If you are interested in a free golf trip for you and your 3 friends, or a $50 Golfsmith gift card, you may want to learn more about this prize contest at the website mentioned above. And it is a free chance to win greate prizes.

www.RadioShack.com/FreePhonesforLife – RadioShack Free Phones for Life Sweepstakes

Www.RadioShack.com/FreePhonesforLife is a webpage hosted on the Radioshack official website and where you can enter the RadioShack Free Phones for Life Sweepstakes. The valid entry period for this cash contest is July 3, 2011 to July 30, 2011. It is a weekly drawing, so this July, there will be a grand prize winner generated by random drawing every week, and there will be 4 winners in total. The grand prize winner will be rewarded with $25,000 in cash which can be used to buy mobile phones. The cash drawing is not for everyone. Only legal residents of US aged 18 years or older are eligible for the participation. There is also a limit of 100 entries per email address or person no matter what entry methods he or she uses.

You may want to know how to enter the Free Phones for Life Sweepstakes. In total, there are 4 ways to enter to win the cash prize. Firstly, you can shop online at the Radioshack online store, or shop at a brick and mortar store near you. Every time you visit and make a purchase, you will receive a sweepstakes entry. Secondly, you can get entries by applying for a new Radioshack credit card. Thirdly, paying your online or in-store shopping bills using your Radioshack credit card will also gain you entries. And fourthly, you can simply fill out the entry form online at www.RadioShack.com/FreePhonesforLife and enter it absolutely free of charge. On the site, you can also learn the official rules of this Radioshack cash sweepstakes. The content on the web site can be displayed in both English and Spanish. If you are a Spanish speaker, you can change the language by using the link located on the bottom left corner of the webpage.

How much is your budget for purchasing a phone every year? If your annual phone purchasing budget is $500, $25,000 will be enough for 50 years of phones. This is the total amount of cash award for this Radioshack cash drawing. How does it sound? Are you interested in participating in these cash drawings? If so, don’t miss the deadline.

www.CPXInteractive.com – CPX Interactive Advertising Network

Www.CPXinteractive.com is a website for CPX interactive, a CPM based online advertising network.

What does CPM-based ad network mean? CPM stands for cost per mille (also also known as the cost per thousand views). It is just one type of online ad network which calculates the advertising cost based on the number of ad impressions. CPX interactive is a relatively new entrant in the online advertising business, but it is growing fast. Recently I have seen their ads on many popular websites. It basically functions as a bridge connecting online advertisers with the online publishers. If you want to gain more exposure on the web, you can purchase ads at this network. If you have a website or write a personal blog, you can monetize your blog or site by publishing CPX interactive ads.

When people think about how to make money from their website or blog, usually Google AdSense is the first option that comes to mind because Google AdSense is the largest ad network. However, AdSense is not the only ad network. When you’re looking for AdSense alternatives, you will find there are many other ad networks that you can choose from to monetize your site or weblog. For example, CPX interactive, ValueClick, Burst Media and Tribal Fusion are all CPM-based advertising networks. Of course, you can also choose from other types of advertising networks like CPC, CPA or contextual ad networks to maximize and/or diversify your online income. It is always wise not to put all your eggs in one basket. If you want to learn more information about products or services offered bythis advertising company or sign-up at the network as a publisher or advertiser, you can visit their website using the provided link below.

The followings are some web traffic data of CPXinteractive.com which may give you a rough idea about how popular this website is. According to Alexa, the most recent global Alexa rank of CPXinteractive is 1199 and its US rank is 2545. Most of the web traffic to this site is from the United States of America followed by Japan, Mexico, India and Spain. And most of the visitors to this website are young people aged from 18 to 24, which may be due to the fact that young people are more active on the Internet.

If you want to know how to make money from your blog by serving CPM ads, you should visit CPXinteractive.com.


www.CowAppreciationDay.com – Free Food at Chick-fil-A

Www.cowappreciationday.com is presented to you by CFA Properties, Inc., the parent company of Chick-fil-A restaurants. Cow Appreciation Day is a once per year special event at Chick-fil-A restaurants. On that day, if you dress like a cow and visit any participating ChickfilA restaurant, you will get free food. The free food offer will be good for the whole day, so you can choose whether you want a free breakfast, lunch or dinner. This year 2011, the Cow Appreciation Day will be on Fri. July, 8th. It is a one-day only event. So if you like to try some free food at the 2nd largest American fast food chain restaurant selling chicken entrees, you should mark your calendar so that you will not miss it this year.

If you have celebrated it before, you may already know how to dress yourself up as a cow. For those of you who are new to this ChickfilA holiday, you will be glad to know that making a cow costume is very easy. On the site, they have even provided a pre-designed cow costume. All you need to do is just to visit cowappreciationday.com and print out the template on a paper. The template is in a PDF file, and you have to download the costume kit to your computer. After printing it out on a paper, you have to assemble it together to make it into a paper costume and wear it on the July, 8th, 2001 when visiting  their restaurant.

To learn more information about this Chick-fil-A free food event and their requirement for the costume, visit the website:

www.BeenVerified.com – Free People Background Search

Www.beenverified.com is a website where people can run free people background searches. This site is more powerful than regular white pages. Before reading this post, you may have already heard of this site either from their nation-wide commercials or from other advertisements. Many media outlets, such as the New York Times, MSNBC, TMZ, Mashable, have covered the BeenVerified website. If you are interested in using their services, you may want to check out these news reports or read some beenverified.com reviews online to see what other people say about their services, which may help you to avoid scams and find the best people background search service that you need.

To run a background check on a person on the BeenVerified site is easy. You just need to type in the person’s first name, last name and residential state into the search boxes on the homepage and hit the green button “search”. A list of candidates will be shown on the next page, where you will see the candidates’ full name, age, locations and possible relatives. To run these simple searches on this site is totally free. If you want to get the detailed background report, you have to sign up a user account with your name, email address and other required information. Their full service is not free, but you can take advantage of their free 1-week trial period to run unlimited free background searches. After the free trial period, you can either cancel the service or continue using it by paying a monthly fee.

Beenverified is also a site where you can get property reports and run a reverse phone search. For instance, if you missed a phone call from a number that you are not familiar with and you want to know who have called you, you can use the phone number on your call ID to run the reverse phone search on the Beenverified site. If they have the information associated with the phone number you searched, you can pay $9.95 to buy one full report. Or during the 1 week free trial period, this service is free as well.

Several online background check websites similar to BeenVerified.com are:

I hope that you will be satisfied with the background check result of the person that you are checking up on.

Have you used any service provided by beenverified before? If so, why don’t you leave a comment to let other consumers know how about the quality of their services.