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Enroll in ADP spending accounts at www.flexdirect.adp.com, the ADP Flexdirect website.

In this climate of economic malaise, everybody needs to find ways to save money. ADP spending accounts and the commuter benefits accounts are two savings products provided by Automatic Data Processing, Inc. If you are an employer and interested in their other business services like payroll, employee benefits, human resources and so on, you should visit the company’s official web site at adp.com.

If you work for an employer who is customer of Automatic Data Processing, you may be offered with Health Care Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) and Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts. For new customers who may not know the benefits associated with these accounts, they may want to visit the ADP Flexdirect site to learn about these accounts and to hear what other participants have to say about these accounts. For example, by enrolling in a health care spending account, you may save nearly 40% of your expenses on medical and/or dental co-pay and prescriptions. With a Dependent Care FSA, you may be able to cut your child daycare cost by approximately 20% to 40%. The detailed information about FSA may also be available from your human resources department.

The Flexdirect Adp site is designed for both new and existing users. For new users, to get their services through this website, they should first get registered by clicking the “Register Here” link located at the participant login frame on the right side of the home page. During the account registration process, they should provide their personal information such as name, birthday and zip code to confirm their identities. The information should match that submitted to the service provider by their employer. Of course, if you have a registration code, you can use it to register. For existing users, they can access their accounts at the following link by typing in their usernames and passwords. There are two types of account logins available on this web site. One is for participants and the other is for employers. If you have problems logging into to your ADP spending account, please make sure that you use the correct login frame first.

Web site for Flexdirect ADP spending account login and registration: https://www.flexdirect.adp.com.