www.portal.adp.com – ADP Portal Login

Access your account at this ADP portal login page via the provided link.

When visiting the ADP self service portal using this URL: www.portal.adp.com, you may get a warning message saying: This link is not trusted and the security license is not valid. Why does this happen? This is because the web address starting with “www” is not the correct link to use. Instead, the subdomain address without the “www”at the beginning will redirect you to the login page. It is a secured webpage so that it’s URL starts with https:// instead of http://.

On the ADP Self Service Portal page, you can access your account online. This web site is designed and operated by Automatic Data Processing, Inc. (ADP), a company providing payroll services, human resources, retirement services and employee benefits administration services to business. This page is designed for both individual users and administrators so that there are two types of logins. One is “User Login” and the other is “administrator login”. You need to make your own selection according to your status.

The very first time you visit this site, you have to register. During the registration process, you may be asked for your registration pass code, your identity, contact information and security information. At the end of the process, you will get your user ID and password which will be used for the account sign in purposes. Registered Automatic Data Processing users also have the option to add more services.

To familiarize yourself with this portal, you probably should take a look at the “Need Help Getting Started” section in which you will learn how to register for a new  service, how to manage your account information, how to manage your digital certificate, how to designate your web browser settings when using the site and so on.

This website also comes with the on-site user ID and password recovery system which is quite convenient to people who cannot figure out their login information.

Enjoy the convenience that Automatic Datat Processing services bring to you and manage your account at the ADP portal login site: portal.adp.com.