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Www.eppicard.com is a web site where you can check balance online for your Eppicard prepaid debit card.

If you have never heard of Eppicard before, you may ask “what is Eppicard”? It is a special prepaid debit card issued by several US state governments for people to get the state payments. Not all US states use this convenient way to make payments. If you want to know whether your state government uses it, you may want to visit the website of your state government to learn more.

Eppi cards can be issued as either a VISA or a MasterCard prepaid cards. Which one you get depends on in which state you are living in. Eppi cards are also issued for different payment purposes. For instance, in that state of Ohio, residents who receive child support money will get an Ohio Child Support Eppi card.

Eppicard.com is established for people to check the balance of their Eppi card accounts online. On this site, you have to choose the type of cards you have and the state that you are residing in before accessing your account. For instance, Eppi Cardholders living in the state of North Carolina may want to select their state from the drop down list or go directly to https://www.eppicard.com/ncedcclient/. This is the URL specifically for the web page of the North Carolina Eppicard. On this page, North Carolina Eppi Card users can login to their account to check balance and transaction history. For the Eppicard account login, people need to get their Users IDs ready. The User ID is a username specifically created for account online access. For new users, they may need to register their accounts and get new User IDs first. If you forget your user ID, you can get it back through the User ID retrieving system. During the process, your card number and the Card Verification Value (also known as CVV) number will be required. If you have any problems to retrieve your User ID or access your account, you can contact EppiCard Mastercard customer service by calling their toll-free number 1-866-461-4096. This customer service phone number can also be used when you want to report your lost Eppi Card or ask any questions about your card usage.

On the NC Eppicard page, visitors cannot only check balance, but also learn about how to get cash from their Eppicard account, where to find an ATM, how to avoid ATM surcharge fee when using a debit card and other issues related to Eppi card.

Because the North Carolina Eppicard page is designed to help users from the state of North Carolina only, if you are from other states, you may find the page for your state on www.eppicard.com and check your balance.